Children aged 5 to 11 received COVID-19 vaccines at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital "The risk of significant complication from infection with COVID, even in children, is greater than any risk of the vaccine," said Max Rudicel, chief medical officer at Open Door. "In rare cases, even kids with a mild case of COVID-19 can later develop a potentially deadly condition called multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children, or MIS-C, that can affect multiple organ systems." MORE:  Delaware County's COVID new cases flat; Indiana website here cases up 6.4% Kari Kendall, another pediatrician at Open Door, told The Star Press that one major misconception when it comes to COVID-19 and children is that the virus doesn't impact them as much, and because of that, they don't need the vaccine. However, Kendall said that while children do have a lower risk of developing severe disease, they have still been profoundly impacted by COVID-19 during the pandemic, especially when stronger variants came along. "Over 600 children have died in the U.S. and many times more have become seriously ill requiring hospitalization," Kendall said. "Vaccination is extremely effective at preventing these health complications in children." With children's mental health also being a hot topic when it comes to the impacts of COVID-19, Kendall added that vaccination would most likely keep them in school and other activities, compared to if they weren't vaccinated and had to quarantine. Healthcare professionals are also aware it can be a difficult choice for parents, and because of this, they're encouraging those who are on the fence or have questions to reach out to their child's pediatrician.  Will the vaccine be available in local schools? As parents try to juggle work, school schedules, sporting events, the holidays and more, finding time to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine might be difficult during a hectic season.

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