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So when one phone number is used over and over and over again to call other cell phone numbers, it puts a red flag up,” Cooney said.  The second bill requires voice service providers to implement a new type of call authentication system, which uses cryptography to validate the number that’s making the call. This system would make it easier to trace calls back to the source, allowing further action to be taken.  Cooney said New Yorkers don’t have to do anything to have these scam calls blocked, and the legislation took effect immediately.  “We as New Yorkers, we don’t have to do anything. We don’t have to sign up on a list, we don’t have to tell our companies that we don’t want to be part of the robocall list, you’re protected starting day one,” he said.  However, if residents don’t want these calls blocked, they can contact their phone carriers to request that these calls still come through.  Cooney said the legislation became even more important during the pandemic, when scammers were targeting people home for a number of different reasons regarding their health.  “Earlier in the pandemic, we saw scams trying to get individuals to sign up for vaccine access and providing preferred access lines and certifications. Later on in the pandemic, we saw scammers trying to take advantage of people by saying that they were representing others who are trying to get access to the vaccine, or they had new information about the pandemic in their community,” Cooney said. “Recently, we’ve seen a number of disability benefit calls come through where people are posing to be health insurance companies trying to help people get benefits when they’re really just trying to get access to personal information.” The senator added that he realized he wanted to be part of the solution when the scam calls weren’t just impacting one or two people, but nearly everyone, including himself.  “This is pervasive, this is everywhere. Every single person who has a cell phone in the state of New York is getting one or two or more of these calls each week. And we have to do something as government leaders to step up and stop this from happening,” Cooney said. “Here in Rochester, we have a growing aging population. I’m very concerned about people who are taken advantage of especially when they’re victimized. In the name of public health.