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<p>Paolo Banchero is a projected top-2 pick this season, and he' align='left' /> 4 recruit and a candidate for the top pick in next year’s draft, Banchero will be the second-most followed storyline in Blue Devil land this season—I think you can guess the first. But without the breathtaking highlight reels or stunning reclassification a la Zion Williamson or Marvin Bagley Jr., it almost seems like Banchero is flying under the radar entering the season, as ridiculous as that sounds. So let’s pull back the curtain on the preseason second-team All-American, starting with an atypical recruitment.  Back in August of last year, when Duke got the golden ticket in the form of Banchero’s commitment, recruiting analysts were, quite frankly, our site shocked that the Seattle native turned down his home-state school of Washington, where the Banchero name holds some considerable weight.   His dad, Mario Banchero, was a tight end for the Husky football team, while his mom, Rhonda Smith-Banchero, scored 2,948 points and snagged 803 rebounds en route to becoming the first Washington player to enter the WNBA. With that type of legacy at a place so close to home, no one would have blamed the 6-foot-10 forward for keeping his talents in Seattle. But once Duke, Kentucky and Tennessee came calling, the decision ended up coming down to the wire. “I’m not gonna lie, for a minute, it was like a four-way tie, like I couldn’t decide where I wanted to go for a long time,” Banchero told Duke men’s basketball alum Andre Dawkins of the Field of 68 podcast network.  As the summer before Banchero’s junior year became crunch time for his schools of interest, the continued push from head coach click here for more info Mike Krzyzewski, associate head coach Jon Scheyer and the rest of the Duke recruiting team eventually paid off .  “Towards the end of July, they really started to separate themselves from all the other schools, and I kinda had my mind made up,” Banchero told Rivals.com on the timeline that led up to his late summer decision. “And my parents, they were happy with my decision, and they told me just to wait, just two weeks to think about it some more and whatnot. I waited, thought about it, and my mind didn’t change, so I committed.” While the latter stages of the process were even more complicated thanks to the pandemic forcing visits to become virtual, Banchero was ready to announce before his senior season even got started, committing to the Blue Devils on Aug. 20.  Now he’s here, ready to try his hand at leading Duke back to the Final Four and giving Krzyzewski a shot at one last title.


The Horned Frogs are also in the thick of their fall season, which includes exhibitions against the Texas Rangers and the Purple and White World Series intrasquad scrimmage. TCU finished as Big 12 Tournament champions last year and was selected as host of the D-1 Baseball Tournament regionals. In the regular season, they finished 17-7 earning them a share of the regular season conference title. Behind one of the team’s best-ever ERAs, the Frogs also finished with a strong 41-19 (0.683) overall record. Another exciting year is expected under new head coach Kirk Saarloos, who takes over for tenured coach Jim Schlossnagle. TCU Baseball 2022 Big 12 Schedule Announced TCU Football vs Baylor: Opponent's Players to Watch The conference slate kicks off on Friday, March 18 with the regular season to begin in mid-February, 2022. The non-conference, midweek, and TV schedules are TBA, historically being released at the end of January.